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Spirulina Has been recommended by the UN World Foods Association as one of the world’s great sources of nutrition for the 21C.

“Mix it with any food and make it 10 times more nutritious “


Spirulina is a microscopic spiral shaped algae. It is the richest source of nutrition on Earth, it is the most uniform life form and already has a history on this planet of over 3.5 billion years. The molecular structure of a Spirulina cell is very simple. It contains no nucleus and its cell wall is soft. So, Spirulina is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. It is universally regarded as a superior source of nourishment and the perfect food for people of all ages and lifestyles who want a whole food source of vitamins and other nutrients.

Facts about Spirulina:

• The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) described Spirulina as the “Most perfect food of tomorrow”

• At the second Microbe Protein Conference, Spirulina was believed to be the “Super Nutrient of the future”

• At the United Nations World Food Summit, Spirulina was considered to be a “Super Nutrient”

• The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged Spirulina as, “One of the best sources of protein”

Spirulina is a whole food and contains a natural balance of all the important nutrients that meet the direct nutritional needs of the human body. It is just like a vegetable or fruit, with a perfect natural nutritional balance. All the nutritional elements in spirulina are prepared by nature, and are better digested and absorbed than their synthetic counterparts. There are many people who can benefit from spirulina, including athletes, people who work hard and long hours, people with low energy, people who do not eat enough green vegetables, weight watchers, and anyone who is concerned about wholesome nutrition.

For this reason, Spirulina is very significant in preventing hemopthisis. The content of vitamins and minerals in a gram of Spirulina is purported to be equal to the total vitamin and mineral content found in a kilogram of vegetables and fruits.

1g Spirulina = Protein and Vitamin from 1kg of vegetables.