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Nose Ring Filter

SHS Nose Filters Ring

Anti-Allergy 100% Non-Drug

International patent no. 168696

High performance static electricity nose filters.


What is 'SHS Nose Filters Ring'?

Material: Nose ring: EVA, Filter: PP (polypropylene).

The invention of our product is based on 100% physical non-drug treatment for nose nasal allergy. This is a brand-new invention in the world with International patent no. 168696. It took the inventor five (5) years to develop this product. This product is specially made for Hayfever & Nose Allergy Sufferer and able to prevent Hayfever & Nose Allergy. Since most people’s allergies are caused by allergens. Our product is to filter out the allergens from the air which people breathe in through their noses and you can wear it 24/7.

This disposable nose filters ring is made out of plastic. The effect of the filters can last from two to three days, and can be disposed and replaced with new filters replacement at your convenience. This are the most effective way for hayfever prevention.

The filters replacement are using American 3M filters which is a high performance static electricity filters. This is the best filters that we can get in the market at the moment.


The filters can capture or filter:

1) 90% of large allergens like pollens, pet dander, mildew, and mold spores - from the air passing through the filters.

2) Microscopic allergens like smoke and smog particles, and dust mites.

3) Bacteria and particles that is able to carry viruses.

4) This filters weets the Indoor Air Quality Guidelines of American Lung Association, Health House.

5) Nasal Filter filtering material will not support the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold or fungi in normal use; no unnecessary antimicrobial chemicals added.

6) Also, by wearing nasal filter, it will slow down the speed of air passing through our nasal passage, and increase the temperature of air so that it will reduce the chance of sneezing and running nose.

Now a day, all existing medical products on the market can only provide temporary protection, or to reduce the density of allergens in nasal passage by spraying saline wash. By taking the same medicine for a long period of time, eventually, the effect of medicine will wear out. Patients either have to switch to another solution or, use more dosage to suppress the symptoms.

Development History

This is a brand-new invention in the world with International patent no. 168696. It took the inventor five (5) years to develop this product. The inventor of this product, Ms. Sun suffered severe allergies since she was a child. Over the years, she exhausted all the resources she could get to release her from suffering from allergies, but the symptoms persisted.

Not too many people pay attention to the size of their noses, but we do. Because we want to provide you the most fit, most comfortable nasal filters so that you can receive the best protection against breathing in allergens.

Doctors told her she was not sick, she just had allergy reactions to allergens. All she needed to do was “away from the allergens”. Guess what, she did it, but it took her 20 years sufferings, and 5 years of experiments.

We know what it is like, and how it feels to have allergies and asthma attacks. We want to share our solution and harvest with you, and hope people who suffer from allergies can live a free and full life again.


Nose Ring Filters: 8 different fitting sizes


Filters Replacement 14 pairs value pack- (1 month supply)

(filter have to change every 2-3 days)

nose filter replacement.jpg ---->nosefilter repalcement.jpg

Size / Specifications / Measurement

How to measure your nose?

nosering size.jpg

The nose is a very sensitive instrument. Each person’s nose is different in size and shape. In order to provide maximum fitness and comfort for every consumers, we developed 8 different sizes as follows:





1.0 cm

0.6 cm


1.1 cm

0.7 cm


1.3 cm

0.8 cm


1.5 cm

0.9 cm


1.5 cm

1.0 cm


1.8 cm

1.1 cm


2.0 cm

1.1 cm


2.0 cm

1.2 cm

Direction: Discard after wearing for 48 hours (max.) or replace with the SHS filter replacement.

Notice: Do not use if broken. If the filter is torn, the function of this product is impaired.

Warning: Should not be used as a substitute for respirators and industrial standard face mask or in extreme environments.



These are superior products - and I have tried all of the leading items available on the Net.The design, science, and quality behind these filters is outstanding.

These are superior in every way. They are shaped like your nose, they are clean and comfortable, they allow plenty of airflow, and the ring connecting the sides is small and streamlined so you won’t look like a dairy cow in need of a leash.

Finally, an allergy product that has both form and function. These guys nailed it.

Jonathan G.

I love the product. Best one I've tried. I am an allergy sufferer every spring and have a sensitivity to pets,car exhaust, perfumes, and cigarettes. These little filters have helped me deal with the things they don't block by keeping out the things they do block. And your spring sale was a great time to start with your filters. Having two frames really helped with remembering to use them. I leave one in my bag at all times so I can switch them out when the one I'm wearing gives me signs it needs replacing. Debbie, US

"Now that we know the device works we are working on use and aesthetic issues, such as how people want to use it, whether it is disposable or re-useable and making different versions to fit all the different shaped noses," Dr Meara, NSW

I recently purchased your nose filter and have been very satisfied with them. I"ve tried every alternative that I could find on the internet, and your product is the best by far for opening nasal passages and improving nose breathing. Peter, UK

I would like to say a big thank you. The nose filter products I have bought are fabulous. I will tell all my friends and families. Mary, US

For nose ring and filters online order:
Please choose carefully as we will not be able to provide exchange or refund due to hygiene reasons.